S.C.A. Ground rating review

Berne Cricket Ground with Bundeshaus looking over
Berne play under the watchful eye of the Swiss parliament building (Bundeshaus)

At the beginning of 2012 the SCA Executive Committee announced a system by which clubs could follow out a self assessment of the grounds & facilities currently being used to play cricket in Switzerland.


At the council meeting held on Saturday 24th March 2012, the system was explained as a means of ascertaining the current standards in Switzerland and where resources should, or could, be targeted in order to optimise cricket in this country. Ground review forms were also distributed to clubs at the council meeting.

As a result of this exercise, each ground in Switzerland has either been self-assessed or received an assessment by an independent person. Results were reviewed and have formed the basis of the ground rating that now appears on the introductory & contact information relating to each club in the S.C.A..

SCA Ground review table (15.9.2012)
SCA Ground review table (15.9.2012)


Has your club's ground & facilities been reviewed? Do you agree or disagree with the rating? Complete and submit your own review by downloading the S.C.A. Ground review form and returning to and member of the SCA executive committee or submit by post.