Introduction to Cricket Course

The Winterthur Cricket Club have planned two further Introduction to Cricket courses, or "Schnuppertage", for schools in the east of Switzerland for 2012.

Cricket Schuppertag at Sekundarschule Andelfingen
2011 Cricket Schuppertag at Sekundarschule Andelfingen

On Wednesday 6th June members of the Winterthur Cricket Club will run a training session at Sportpark Deutweg followed by a game with up to twenty pupils between the ages of 12 and 16 of the Freie Schule in Winterthur.

And on Wednesday 26th September the same format for 15 pupils of a secondary school from Wil/SG.


The afternoon will begin with a general introduction to cricket, some of the history, explaining some of the basics of batting & bowling and how a team wins. This will be followed by some simple exercises to learn some of the basic skills required in cricket, for instance throwing the ball with accuracy, catching, hitting the ball with the bat and developing hand-eye coordination. Then there will a short break before splitting the pupils into two groups and playing an actual cricket match with Kwik Cricket sets.


For more information on an Introduction to Cricket Course with Winterthur Cricket Club contact the WCC President, Mr. John Hallam.


Read about the Introduction to cricket course run in Andelfingen in 2011 or view the photos on in the SCA 2011 photo gallery.