Cricket Einführung in Winterthur (6.6.2012)

On Wednesday 6th June 2012 starting at 2pm sixteen pupils of the Freieschule Winterthur undertook a two hour introduction to cricket at the Winterthur Cricket Club's ground at Sportpark Deutweg in Winterthur.

Learning the overarm bowling technique
Pupils of the Freieschule Winterthur learning the overarm bowling technique

The course was part of a project week involving English speaking countries from aroud the world, sandwiched between Australia and India, both countries where cricket has a massive & enthusiastic following.


WCC President John Hallam gave the pupils and two teachers (Annina & Silvana) short history lesson about cricket and it's roots. Then Karl Walter & John Hallam practived some basic cricket skills, batting, catching & throwing before playing a match between the two groups (which incidentally finished in a tie).

Despite the session being interrupted by rain, everyone had great fun. At the end of the two hours all enjoyed scones & jam, during which Karl & John were presented with a bottle of wine each for their efforts.


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Follow this link if you would interested in running an Introduction to Cricket for your club, company or school .