Cricket-On-Ice will proceed

The 25th Anniversary Cricket-On-Ice tournament in St. Moritz, due to take place this year from 16th - 18th February 2012 is not in danger of cancellation, reports the Cricket On Ice organisers.


Whether this year's 25th anniversary tournament is going to take place on the lake was called into question after it was announced that the annual St. Moritzer international polo tournament was cancelled because the ice was too thin to take all the infrastructure.


According to organisers, "the Cricket-On-Ice tournament will take place, but whether it takes place on the lake is still to be confirmed." They go on to report, "Safety comes first and the situation is being monitored constantly", reported one source. "Alternatives such as the Corviglia Ski Station or the athletic facilities adjacent to the lake and ice rink are being considered".

Recent sub-zero temperatures have reportedly thickened the ice considerably, but due to the considerable infrastructure, the St. Moritz tourist office have not yet taken a decision about White Turf, due to start on Sunday 5th February and finish on the day after Cricket-On-Ice on Sunday 19th February. 


The following teams are involved in the 25th Anniversary tournament:

  • Cholmeleians Xl ( Old Boys from Highgate School/UK)
  • Winterthur XI (Expatriates living in Switzerland)
  • Lyceum Alpinum XI (Old Boys from Lyceum Alpinum)
  • St. Moritz Cricket XI (friends of Cricket on Ice)

Officials are provided by the Swiss Federation Of cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS) and will be: Mr. A.Mackay, Mr. C.Denney, Mr. I.Bond.


Depending on the weather conditions, 20 to 25 overs per innings are played and spectators are very welcome to follow this unique event from the relative safety of the boundary where meals & refreshments are available.

See an up to the minute view of the lake at St. Moritz from the Schweizerhof webcam.

Match schedule

                   Thu 16 Feb
10am - 4pm
Cholmeleians XI v Winterthur XI


Fri 17 Feb


10am - 4pm


Cholmeleians XI v Lyceum Alpinum XI

Winterthur XI v St. Moritz Cricket XI


Sat 18 Feb


10am - 4pm


Winterthur XI v Lyceum Alpinum XI

Cholmeleians XI v St. Moritz Cricket XI

Further information about this year's Cricket On Ice in St. Moritz (16.-18. February 2012) is available from the Cricket On Ice website or via email from Daniel Häring.