Basel Dragons Summer Cricket Camp

Basel Summer Cricket Camp 2012
Basel Summer Cricket Camp at Rankhof (11.-15.8.2012)

Basel Dragons held its inaugural summer cricket camp between August 11th & August 15th at Rankhof in Basel.


The camp was attended by over 30 club members and provided an ideal opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and well structured environment. Two English coaches from the Twenty 20 team based in Epsom, England, flew over to provide the expert coaching and they were helped out by coaches from the club.


The mornings were spent focusing on the basic skills of cricket, batting, bowling and fielding, with the drills providing the right balance between teaching and fun.

In the afternoon, the boys played a competitive 20/20 game which enabled them to practice what they had learned in a competitive match environment.


This practice paid off handsomely when the Dragons U11's played the Zurich Crickets U11's on the following weekend and the Dragons scored an impressive victory over their closest friends and rivals.


More photos of the Basel summer cricket camp are available in the gallery.


Further information about the Basel summer cricket camp can be obtained from Chris Clayton.