Swiss Cricket Disassociation

It appears that cricket in Switzerland is no nearer conciliation than it was 12 months ago!

After an EGM last December with the SCV (Schweizerisches Cricket Verband) the Swiss cricket political climate appeared to be on the mend. However, according to the SCA, amidst claims of deceipt and trickery it was unanimously decided to call off the merger of the two associations at a meeting at the Hotel Walhalla in Zürich.

Assurances made by the SCV at the EGM are now being denied and there is no provision for free nominations and fair elections (the only nominations being put to the meeting are those the current ad-interim committee recommend) and there are claims that votes are being secured by creating bogus clubs.

Suspension from the ICC can not be excluded and civil court action is now almost a foregone conclusion.