Junior cricketers at 6th Zuoz Cricket Festival

Junior Cricket  Festival (Zuoz, May 2011)
Junior Cricket Festival (Zuoz, May 2011)

The Swiss Cricket Association’s Junior Development Programme together with the Lyceum Alpinum hosted the 6th Junior Cricket Festival in Zuoz on Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29, 2011.

As one Swiss junior club said, “the Zuoz Championship really is the showcase for Swiss Junior Cricket. Played at 1,800m at the Lyceum Alpinum School in the beautiful Engadine region, snow-capped mountains all around, Zuoz is about as far as you can get from Geneva, and still be in Switzerland. Teams compete in 8-a-side, 18-over matches at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 levels.”


The following clubs participated with teams in the Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 tournaments:

Club Team U11 Team U13 Team U15
Gingins CC U11 U13  
Basle Dragons CC U11 U13  
Geneva Region Youth CC     U15
Munich CC     U15
Zurich Crickets CC U11 U13 U15
Collège du Léman CC U11   U15
Lyceum Alpinum CC     U15
Swiss Wanderers   U13  

The mountains really were snow-capped. In fact it was snowing hard in the village when teams started arriving on Friday evening, and by Saturday morning the ground was snow-covered. However, the cricket pitches had been spared and at 9am, undaunted and defiant, teams, their coaches, the umpires and supporters arrived, and half an hour later, when the first matches had been scheduled, the cricket got underway. The cool air soon gave way to the warm rays of sunshine, and players got on with the great game they had all come to enjoy.

Two whole days of cricket in bright sunshine, played in great spirit by all those who participated. There were some exceptional matches, so close that matches were won in the final over, even with the final ball. There were some excellent innings played by individuals, by whole teams, there were brilliant catches taken, some superb bowling spells. Swiss junior cricket has come a long way in such a short space of time and having 130 players with their coaches, and supportive families and friends to witness this first hand was a grand spectacle. Every year the festival grows, more teams participate, the standards are rising rapidly, and for many it is quite simply the highlight in the Swiss cricketing calendar.

Co-hosts Lyceum Alpinum cannot be faulted. They are both generous and wonderfully organised. The pitches have been beautifully prepared by Mark Jones and his team, the boundaries carefully marked out, the safety nets are all in place, the seating and scoring tables with umbrellas ready. When, after a morning’s play, it is time for lunch, the food is magnificently served. There is so much choice: fish, barbecued meat, sausages, an array of delicious salads, and drinks. Every detail has been meticulously and tastefully planned.


The cricket continues well into the early evening on Saturday. Wickets tumble, players rejoice, even tears are shed, good shots are applauded, team meetings are held, tactics discussed, the three tournament directors badger umpires to ensure matches begin punctually, battered and bruised players are cared for, sun cream is hastily applied to already red faces and necks. The three pitches and the surrounding area are a hive of activity, but those who have come to watch and support find ample time to relax, enjoy the cricket and the company of friends and new acquaintances.

Exhausted, players find their weary way to their accommodation. Meals are wolfed down, the football champions league final is about to start. The Lyceum has kindly invited players to watch on a huge screen in their main hall. Tired eyes battle against sleep.

Sunday morning warms up fast and matches get underway punctually. With two of the three competitions being decided in the last match the tension is maintained to the end. Cups, and certificates, and individual prizes are presented by Mr Sommer, the Lyceum’s headmaster. Then it is time to gather the kit together, clear up, bid farewells and look forward to the rest of the season after such a wonderful start. After all, the outdoor season is only just beginning.


The Under 11 cup goes to Gingins

Gingins Cricket Club - U11 & U13 winners
Gingins Cricket Club - U11 & U13 winners

At this level the capacity to bowl accurately and consistently, forcing the batting side to work for the runs is all important. The key is to bowl as few wides as possible. It was good to see that there are already a number of players capable of doing this. There are also batsmen who can hit hard and score big runs.

The enthusiasm among these Under 11 players was infectious. For many of them it was their first major tournament, but I have no doubt that it will not be their last.

In their recent matches against each other before Zuoz, both Gingins and Zurich Crickets have won. The Zuoz tournament came down to a final game between these two sides, as both had beaten the other two teams. Zurich Crickets were beaten in the final match of the festival by Gingins by 3 wickets with 2 overs to spare.

No doubt the two younger teams from Basel and Geneva will be back to prove that they can be in the running for the cup next year.

Under 11 match summaries:

Gingins (60 for 4) beat Zurich Crickets (59 for 7) by 3 wickets

Zurich Crickets: Luke 15 not out

Gingins: James 13 not out, - Leo 3:7, 2:10


Gingins (41 for 0) beat Basel Dragons (39 for 7) by 7 wickets

Gingins: Y. Veenstra 2:8


Gingins (118 for 4) beat CDL (48 for 7) by 70 runs

Gingins: James 2:7


Zurich Crickets (97 for 3) beat CDL (81 for 7) by 16 runs

Zurich Crickets: Jack 14 – Luke 2:5, Jack 2:3, Chris 2:8

Munich: Andre18 not out


Zurich Crickets (130) beat Basel Dragons (90) by 40 runs

Zurich Crickets: Jack 2:18, Chris 2:7


CDL (80 for 4) beat Basel Dragons (79 for 4) by 3 wickets

Under 11 individual prizes:

James Allsop (Gingins) won the Best Batsmen Award

Chris Langford (Zurich Crickets) won the Best Bowler Award

Mustafa (Basel Dragons) won the Best Fielder Award

Sebastian (CDL) won the Coaches Choice Award

Gingins take the Under 13 cup, too!

In the most closely contested competition of the festival three teams ended up level on points, each team having lost one match. As a result, it came down to a calculation of the net run rate (Runs scored x Wickets taken / Runs conceded x Wickets lost) to determine the winner.

Gingins came out on top, with Basel Dragons second and Zurich Crickets third. The Wanderers, a composite team, played competitive cricket and were unlucky not to get a win under their belts. The tight results are testimony to the very strong group of players that Switzerland has produced at this level.

Under 13 match summaries:

Gingins (59 for 3) beat Basel Dragons (58 for 7) by 4 wickets

Basel Dragons: Neil 29

Gingins: Aiden 21 – Rohan 4:7


Gingins (60 for 6) beat Wanderers (58 for 7) by 1 wicket

Wanderers: Jai 2:13, Arnav 2:9

Gingins: Rohan 2:6, Vince 2:5


Basel Dragons (87 for 6) beat Zurich Crickets (80 for 7) by 7 runs

Zurich Crickets: Alex 33 – Ruan 3:23, James B 2:19

Basel Dragons: Ruwan 50 – Neil 2:12


Basel Dragons (126 for 4) beat Wanderers (75 for 7) by 51 runs

Basel Dragons: Ruwan 23, Neil 13 – Neil 3:9

Wanderers: Arnav 16 not out


Zurich Crickets (74 for 6) beat Gingins (73 for 6) by 1 wicket

Zurich Crickets: Alex 17, Anthony 16 – Anthony 2:7

Gingins: Floris 20 - Vince 2:19, Rohan 3:15


Zurich Crickets (90 for 4) beat Wanderers (88 for 2) by 3 wickets

Zurich Crickets: James B 25 not out, Timothy 15

Wanderers: Jai 19, James G 22 – Jai 2:16


Under 13 individual prizes:

Ruwan Jayakody (Basel Dragons) won the Best Batsmen Award

Rohan Jain (Gingins) won the Best Bowler Award

Neil Wright (Basel Dragons) won the Best Fielder Award

Ruwan Jayakody (Basel Dragons) won the Coaches Choice Award

Collège du Léman's U15s Take first Place

The sixth junior Zuoz cricket festival produced some fine cricket by the Under 15 players and it was great to be able to welcome back a Munich team to the festival again this year.

The most competitive match in this grounp was between CDL and Zurich Crickets. Despite posting a seemingly competitive total, Zurich struggled to defend it with their bowling and although they were searching for CDL’s final wicket, CDL remained calm and hit the final run in the last over.

Under 15 match summaries:

College du Leman (100 for 6) beat Zurich Crickets (98 for 6) by one wicket

Zurich Crickets: Callum 26 not out, Simon 19, Moaz 19 – Simon 2:12, George 2:13,

CDL: Duncan 31 not out, Vishal 17 not out – Ashwin 3:27


College du Leman (49 for 0) beat Lyceum Alpinum (47 for 7) by 7 wickets

CDL: Ashwin 3:6, Alistair 2:7


College du Leman (129 for 2) beat Munich (78 for 7) by 51 runs

CDL: Mehrdad 28 not out, Adam 23 - Ashwin 2:8, Adam 2:7

Munich: Harry C 17, Dennis 21


College du Leman (53 for 0) beat Geneva Region Youth (51 for 7) by 7 wickets

CDL: Ashwin 2:9, Aijay 2:11


Zurich Crickets (178 for 1) beat Lyceum Alpinum (48 for 7) by 130 runs

Zurich Crickets: Callum 28 not out, Simon 25 not out, George 30 not out, Moaz 25 not out, George 2:11, Moaz 3:5


Zurich Crickets (136 for 5) beat Geneva Region Youth (40 for 7) by 96 runs

Zurich Crickets: Callum 25 not out, Simon 25 not out, George 20, Henry 13 – Simon 4:5, Moaz 2:14

Geneva Region Youth: -Saoud 2:25


Zurich Crickets (114 for 5) beat Munich (18 for 7) by 96 runs

Zurich Crickets: Callum 29 not out, George 25 not out – Simon 2:14, George 3:3

Munich: Aijay 2:19


Lyceum Alpinum (79 for 2) beat Geneva Region Youth (78 for 3) by 5 wickets

Lyceum Alpinum: David B 20


Lyceum Alpinum (93 for 3) beat Munich (89 for 4) by 4 wickets

Lyceum Alpinum: David B 26 – Alessandro 2:13

Munich: Dennis 27 – Aijay 2:10


Munich (121 for 4) beat Geneva Region Youth (52 for 6) by 69 runs

Munich: Dennis 25, Harry C 18 - Aijay 2:12, Harry C 2:9


Summary of the overall individual results in the Under 15s:


  1. Callum H (ZCCC) – 108 runs (4 not out) won the Best Batsman Award
  2. Simon H (ZCCC) – 81 runs (2 not out)
  3. George G (ZCCC) – 78 runs (2 not out)
  4. Dennis (Munich CC) – 75 runs (2 not out)
  5. David W (Lyceum) – 57 runs (2 not out)
  6. Duncan H (CDL) – 51 runs (4 not out)
  7. Moaz B (ZCCC) – 51 runs (1 not out)
  8. Harry C (Munich CC) – 42 runs (1 not out)
  9. Adam W (CDL) – 35 runs (2 not out)
  10. Mehrdad (CDL) – 32 runs (1 not out)


  1. Simon H (ZCCC) – 9:40 won the Best Bowler Award
  2. Ayjay (Munich CC) 7:30
  3. George G (ZCCC) – 7:32
  4. Ashwin V (CDL) – 7:50
  5. Moaz B (ZCCC) – 5:37

Dennis (Munich) won the Best Fielder/Wicketkeeper Award

Barani (GRYCC) won the Coaches Choice Award