T20 Triangular (East v West)

The Swiss Cricket Association is in the process of organising a Traingular T20 tournament in Cossonay on Sunday 9th of October, with the purpose is to identify potential national players for the immediate tour to Malta and for 2012.


The proposed tournament format will be made up of three teams:

Swiss Eastern XI to comprise of players from Royal, Winterthur, Power, Nomads, Zug & United

Swiss Western XI to comprise of players from Olten, Geneva XI Stars, Uprising, CERN

Swiss Central XI to consist of talented juniors from GRYCC, Berne, Gingins & Cossonay.


Proposed match schedule:

  Sunday 9th October
9.30am Central v West
12.00am West v East
2.30pm East v Central

Umpires: P.Cawsey & I.Bond



Associated clubs are asked to forward player nominations by 10th September to Sangameswaran Subbiramaniam (please specify if the player meets ICC national team criteria).


The national selectors will select the team with the following criteria as guidance:

a) Qualification criteria same as for International tournaments (i.e. Players qualified to play for Swiss national team)

b) Players who would qualify in the near future for Swiss national team 

c) Good performers in the SCA tournaments but who do not qualify but are committed to Swiss international cricket.