New deal for SCA associate & affiliate members

It is with the greatest of pleasure that the Swiss Cricket Association, in conjunction with SCT Trading, is able to offer associate and affiliate members some great deals on cricket equipment via the online webshop

SCT Trading is the only domestic supplier of cricket equipment in Switzerland, supplying the Swiss Cricket Association and private customers with all their cricket equipment requirements.


To help establish SCT Trading as a primary supplier of cricket equipment to the Swiss Cricket Association and its member clubs and associations, SCT Trading is offering a one-off 20% discount for all orders placed by clubs and individuals quoting SCA SUMMER 2011 before Friday 15.07.2011.

As an added bonus, SCT Trading has agreed to ship all orders over Fr. 500.00 free of charge, regardless of the weight. This equates to an additional saving of Fr. 30 per 20kg of goods.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Simon Tan directly on 078 766 46 28 or via email.



The Swiss Cricket Association encourages you to take advantage of this offer. A domestic supplier of cricket equipment is a big step for this association and will benefit everyone involved in the game, whether they are a junior or a senior, playing for fun or competitively.