Cricket at Sekundarschule Andelfingen

As part of a project week about Australia on Thursday 26th May 2011 fourteen students at the Sekundarschule Andelfingen were given the opportunity to learn about cricket, one of the the most popular sports down-under.

After a short introduction about the traditions of the game, the students practiced some of the basic skills required to play cricket (throwing, bowling & batting) and then put those skills into practice in a game of hit 'n run using Kwik Cricket sets.

The conditions were bordering on sweltering and regular drinks breaks were a necessity.

Winterthur President and cricket instructor said "We were asked if we could show some of the students cricket. Not having any Aussies available a couple of Brits, Alex and myself, went along to give the students their first experience of trying to play cricket. If they didn't know the difference between Croquet and Cricket before the day began they should have a better idea now".


Some of the students demonstrated some natural cricketing talent with the bat and the ball, but the highlight of the day had to be when the cows in the neighbouring field decided to participate!

Pictures of the day's action are available in the Gallery and from the Winterthur Cricket Club webite.