Executive members

President & Chairman

Lord Mackay of Loch Borrolan


Abraham Koshy

Honorary Secretary

Ken McKeown

Honorary Treasurer

Clive Denney

League Chairman

Asvin Lakkaraju

International Manager

Chris Lodge


Aseem Dhawan


Farid Din

Youth Development Officer

Women's Development

Veena Mampilly

Non-executive members

Selection committee

Chris Lodge

Pardeep Kumar (CERN)

Osama Mahmood

Osama Mahmood (St Gallen)

Aseem Dhawan

Aseem Dhawan (Berne)

Answer Mehmood

Anser Mehmood (Geneva)

Data Protection Officer

Values & Ethics

Asvin Lakkaraju
Lord Mackay of Loch Borrolan

Disciplinary & League Committee

Mr. Abraham Koshy (Chairman)

Alex Mackay

Mr. Alex Mackay

Gowreesan Gowris

Andrew Lovell

(Cossonay CC)

Hascal Gollop

Mr Hascal Gollop

Afzaal Sikander

Afzaal Sikander

(Power CC)

External contacts & services


findea AG

Findea Winterthur
Lagerhausstrasse 18
8400 Winterthur

Chris Lodge

Mr. Chris Lodge

Independent compliance contact

Paul Cawsey