Zug Cricket Club

Zug Cricket Club

Contact: Elizabeth Franks

Website: n/a

President: Irshad Samad
Secretary :  Pushkar Kaushik

Asst. Secretary: Elizabeth franks
Treasurer:  Seeni Umar
Coach: Sudath Jayarathne

Club Captain: Pio De Silva

Physical Fitness Trainer: Amal Roy Fonseka

Social Secretary: Sahan Lakshitha

Social media: Zug Cricket Club facebook group

Zug CC constitution: Click here

About Zug Cricket Club

Founded in 1984 by Frederick Alan Franks, Zug Cricket Club is proud to represent the canton of Zug and welcomes people of all ages to come and enjoy the beautiful sport of Cricket in Switzerland.


Our motto is to promote the game in the canton of Zug. If you are interested in becoming a member of Zug Cricket Club please contact one of the members of the Executive committee.

Buchholz, Uster

Home Ground: Sportanlage Buchholz, Hallenbadweg, 8610 Uster/ZH

Fronwald, Affoltern-Zürich

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