Nomads Cricket Club

Nomads Cricket Club

Contact: Khawer Memon (President), Farid Din (Secretary), Azeem Nazir (Captain), Prasad Shikare (Treasurer)

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Fixture secretary: Asvin Lakkaraju

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Nomads Cricket Club is one of the oldest Cricket Club in Switzerland. It was formed in 1984 and is domiciled in Zurich Canton. Its goal is to play and promote Cricket in Switzerland. Between April and October every year it plays a game every weekend. Apart from participating in domestic tournaments, it organises private cricket tournaments to spread the game of Cricket in Switzerland.

Nomads CC at Swiss T20 2012
Nomads CC at Swiss T20 2012

During winter it also organizes indoor cricket training sessions for its members and tournaments.

Anybody interested in playing / promoting cricket can join our club. For further details please contact any of the executive members mentioned above.

Hard, Embrach

Buchholz, Uster

Alternative ground: Sportanlage Buchholz, Hallenbadweg, 8610 Uster/ZH

SCA Ground rating
Ground rating


Alternative ground: Brauereistrasse, 8610 Uster


Alternative ground: Schmittenstrasse 5, 8192 Obfelden

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