Services to Cricket awards

Since 2011 there has been a "Services to Cricket" Award. This award is presented to individuals that have served the association either as an executive committee member or an individual (not necessarily a member of a Cricket Switzerland affiliated entity) that has done something extraordinary for cricket in this country.


To date, the following individuals have been honoured with the prestigious Services to Cricket award:


                  Year         Name
  2019 Mr. Farid Din
  2019 Mr. Aseem Dhawan
  2017 Mr. Yeteendra Sinh
  2016 Ms. Neha Maheshwari
  2015 Mr. David Milne
  2014 Mr. Asvin Lakkaraju
  2014 Mr. John Millar
  2013 Dr. Patrick Henderson
  2013 Mr. Nitesh Gandhi
  2012 Mr. Peter MacLaverty
  2011 Dr.  J. Bryan Pattison OBE
  2011 Mr. Sangameswaran Subbiramaniam
  2011 Mr. Robin McGhee
  2011 Mr. John McKillop