2014 Mr. Pickwick Twenty20 cricket competition

Welcome to the Mr. Pickwick Cup Twenty20 Cricket League.


The 2014 Mr. Pickwick Cup Twenty20 league is a nationwide Twenty20 cricket league.

It consists of two regional groups of five clubs in each competitng in a Twenty20 over format.

Ten overs are the minimum number of overs that have to be played in order to reach a result, with two points scored for a win, one points for a tie, draw or rained off match and no points for a loss. If points are equal, league positions will be decided using net run-rate.

Prize money this year is CHF400 for the winner, CHF150 for runners-up & CHF50 for third place.


Match day officials and cricket balls are financed by the tournament organisers & sponsorship, as are trophies, ground fees, lunches, balls & VIP hosting at the final.


The Mr. Pickwick Twenty20 Cricket competition is run under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland and the Cricket Switzerland T20 cricket rules & regulations.


Group A           
  Club  Played  Won T/A  Lost F (r/o) A (r/o) NRR  Points  
1. Berne CC   0 0 0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
2. Cossonay CC 0 0 0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
3. Geneva XI Stars CC              0  0 0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
4. Swiss Colts  0   0   0  0  000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
5. Uprising CC  0 0   0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
 Group B          
  Club  Played  Won T/A  Lost F (r/o) A (r/o) NRR  Points  
1. Power CC  0 0 0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
2. Olten CC 0 0 0 0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
3. Winterthur CC                       0 0 0 0   000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
4. St. Gallen CC      0   0 0 0  000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00 00  
5. Nomads CC   0  0   0  0 000/00.0 000/00.0 +0.00  00  

Fixtures & Results

Date      Group Fixture/Result                                           
Venue    Time Umpires
tbc  East  St Gallen v Power  Deutweg  11am  Winterthur 


Power v Winterthur                                        Deutweg  2.30pm  St. Gallen 
11 May  West Uprising v Cossonay En Marche    CERN
18 May  West Berne v Cossonay Berne  11am  Uprising 
18 May  West Berne v Uprising Berne  2.30pm  Cossonay (PC)
25 May  West Cossonay v Colts En Marche  11am GXIStars 
25 May  West Cossonay v Geneva XI Stars En Marche  2.30pm Colts 
25 May West Colts v Geneva XI Stars En Marche   Cossonay (JM)
08 Jun East Olten v St. Gallen Obergösgen 11am Winterthur 
08 Jun East Olten v Winterthur Obergösgen 2.30pm St. Gallen 
08 Jun  West Geneva XI Stars v Uprising Onex    Power 
29 Jun  West Uprising v Colts Vernier    GXIStars 
13 Jul  East Winterthur v Nomads Uster  11am  Olten 
13 Jul  East Nomads v Olten Uster  2.30pm  Winterthur
27 Jul
East Nomads v Power   12.30pm Winterthur
17 Aug
West Geneva XI Stars v Berne Onex
24 Aug
East Power v Olten Deutweg
tba  East St. Gallen v Nomads Gründenmoos     
tba  East Winterthur v St. Gallen Gründenmoos     
26 Jul West Colts v Berne En Marche     
   SF1 Winners West v Runners-up East      
   SF2 Winners East v Runners-up West       
  3/4 Runners-up SF1 v Runners-up SF2       
  FINAL Winners SF1 v Winners SF2       

The Final

The 2013 Swiss Mr. Pickwick T20 Cricket Cup Final took place on Sunday 6th October at the Deutweg Sportpark in Winterthur starting at 2.30pm (immediately proceeding the 3rd/4th place play-off that starts at 11am).

View the match report and photos from the final.

Previous Swiss Mr. Pickwick Cricket Cup winners

                                     Year       Winners               Runners-Up         
  2013 Berne & Cossonay Tied
  2012 Winterthur CC Olten CC
  2011 Power CC Olten CC
  2010 Power CC Olten CC
  2009 Power CC   
  2008 Geneva XI Stars  Power CC 
  2007 Nomads CC  
  2006 Basel CC  
  2005 Basel CC  
  2004 Geneva CC  
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Forthcoming events

04 May DBMT season opener

10 May Scorers Course

11 May M40 St Gallen v Olten

11 May PT20 Uprising v CCC

18 May M40 WCC v St Gallen

18 May PT20 Berne v CCC

18 May PT20 Berne v Uprising

25 May M40 Berne v Nomads

25 May PT20 CCC v Colts

25 May PT20 CCC v XI Stars

25 May PT20 Colts v XI Stars

30.5.-1.6. Jnr Cricket Festival



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