Cricket pavillions in Switzerland

Cricket pavillion
The new Swiss Edition cricket pavillion

Cricket pavillions - housing changing rooms for home & away teams, plus officals, complete with a bar and fitted kitchen, an electronic scoreboard, clock and a 'Old Father Time' wind vane - will be made available free of charge to S.C.A. clubs by an anonymous building company.


Cossonay & CERN are expected to apply for planning permission to have the pavillion installed at their grounds, and other clubs in Switzerland are expected to follow.


Order a cricket pavillion for your club (don't forget to include the name of your club, the location of the ground and a contact person) or turn up for the viewing next to the cricket field in Winterthur on Sunday 1st April at 4pm. 

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Forthcoming events

04 May DBMT season opener

10 May Scorers Course

11 May M40 St Gallen v Olten

11 May PT20 Uprising v CCC

18 May M40 WCC v St Gallen

18 May PT20 Berne v CCC

18 May PT20 Berne v Uprising

25 May M40 Berne v Nomads

25 May PT20 CCC v Colts

25 May PT20 CCC v XI Stars

25 May PT20 Colts v XI Stars

30.5.-1.6. Jnr Cricket Festival



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