City Council & Integrationsamt Olten (8.9.2012)

Cricket at the Olten City Integrationsamt activity day (8.9.2012)

Cricket was again one of the highlights of an activity day organised by the department for Integration in Olten, the second in consecutive years.

On Saturday 8th September members of the SCA and Olten Cricket Club presented cricket in an event organised by the Olten City Council and Department of Integration. In addition to cricket enthusiastics from the region, Olten CC members Karunamurthy Kandasamy, Raja Jacob, Murali & Perindan along with the SCA publicity officer Pradeep Vijayadas demonstrated the game to the locals.

Two city councillors were present and tried their hand at cricket. Many local children and mothers experienced their cricketing debut. One ninety year old gentleman arriving in a wheel chair with his Swiss family, held the bat and ball and began to recite memories of times long ago. Representing the other end of the generation, a 3 year old little girl, played her first 'square cut' while chocolates were distributed by Ms. Mikosch Donata representing Olten City.



Photos of the cricket at the Integrationsamt Olten event are available here.

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