Women's & girl's cricket

Beginning at 9am indoor nets take place every Saturday at the Kantonsschule Hottingen (Minervastrasse 14, 8032 Zürich).

Initial plans for 2016 are to hold regular indoor coaching sessions and, if feasible, a women's match in the beginning of the season.

Depending on availability of players, further matches in the future will also be planned, not least participation in the International Women Cricket T20 Tournament in Corfu, Greece (19-24 September 2016).

Womens' Cricket Training - season 2016
Date Time Location
Saturday 9 January  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich
Saturday 16 January  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich
Saturday 23 January  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich
Saturday 30 January  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich
Saturday 6 February  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich
Saturday 13 February  9-10.30am Kantonschule Hottingen, Zurich

History of Womens' cricket in Switzerland

There have been girls activities at several Junior clubs (Zurich Crickets, Gingins CC and Basel CC), involving training & matches in conjunction with the boys, and there has been some investment in women's cricket equipment by Cossonay Cricket Club, meaning Cricket Switzerland is better able to support the training/playing requirements.  

However, in order to focus of women's cricket development, in 2014 Cricket Switzerland introduced the position of Women's Development Officer to the executive.

Soon after Neha Maheshwari was coopted onto the Executive Committee as the Association's first Womens' Development Officer.

Towards the end of 2015 Neha was replaced by Veena Mampilly, who took up the baton from 2016.

Looking ahead

Although there are a number of girls & women playing cricket, the integration of women’s cricket into our country programme is still at the initial stages and a long way from imitating Australia's success, or indeed of England where Sarah Taylor is on the verge of infiltrating the men's domain!

Club's are encouraged to organise a Women's introduction to cricket day, similar to the Cossonay event in 2009 season, designed to attract new members and strengthen women's cricket development in this country.

Further information

For more information regarding women's cricket in Switzerland contact Veena Mampilly or go to the Ladies section of the Cricket Switzerland website.