Women's & girls cricket

Although there are a number of girls playing cricket at the junior level, the integration of women’s cricket into our country programme is still at the initial stages and a long way from imitating Australia's sucess, or indeed of England where Sarah Taylor is on the verge of infiltrating the men's domain! 

There have been girls activities at several Junior clubs (Zurich Crickets, Gingins CC and Basel CC), involving training and matches in conjunction with the boys, and there has been some investment in women's cricket equipment (clothing/protective clothing) and Cossonay CC (bats, balls), meaning Cricket Switzerland is better able to support the training/playing requirements.  

Looking ahead

In order to focus of women's cricket development, in 2014 Cricket Switzerland introduced the position of Women's Development Officer to the executive.

We are hopeful that there will be a women's event towards the end of the season, preceeding the league final, and, depending on availability of players, further matches in the future.

Cossonay CC intends to organise a Women's introduction to cricket day, similar to 2009 season to attract new members and other clubs are encouraged to replicate this effort to further strengthen women's cricket development in the country.


For more information regarding women's cricket in Switzerland contact Mr. David Milne.

2012 Competitions

Date Competition Venue Participants
14.-16- August ICC European Women's T20 Qualifier Ireland Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands
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Forthcoming events

19 Apr Umpire Course

04 May DBMT

10 May Scorers Course

11 May M40 St Gallen v Olten

11 May PT20 Uprising v CCC

18 May M40 WCC v St Gallen

18 May PT20 Berne v CCC

18 May PT20 Berne v Uprising

25 May M40 Berne v Nomads

30.5.-1.6. Jnr Cricket Festival



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